Tessellate Modular Spaces

Tessellate Modular is an emerging modular spaces company and are launching their new office spaces range in late 2016. Designed in Australia and manufactured in Malaysia using shipping containers. Tessellate Modular spaces are design engineered, incorporating premium features such as intelligent lighting, ergonomics, surface materials, touch sensors and floating shelves.  Tessellate Modular required a brand film that would promote and launch the company across their website and social media channels. The film needed to showcase their premium product. Yet with the unit still in production in Malaysia, we needed to create high resolution 3D renders mixed with live action. We incorporated the office within a composed garden landscape, allowing us to showcase the unit in an ideal environment. Using a variety of techniques including live action, editing, compositing, 3D modelling and photography. This film aims to capture a personal experience within an architecturally designed home. It sets a tone of anticipation to launch the range, while showcasing a beautiful functional space.

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