Hi I'm Willy Karl Beecher and I work to help agency professionals, corporate leaders and business owners tell their story with Design and Motion Pictures.
I have also worked extensively as an educator teaching design, VFX and moving pictures at university level and find it extremely rewarding when I meet previous students who thank me for teaching them skills and insights for their careers.
One thing I truly value is working with talented team minded professionals who are motivated by the big brand idea.
Working as a designer can be a challenging position but hitting the ground running and sharing a solid understanding of a client's brand is something I pride myself on. In doing so I have had the privilege of contributing Animated Design and Visual Effects to some of the major Australian brands.
My friends would say I'm more passionate about cooking, and although I devour everything about food culture, my true life compass is health and well being. While Design is my chosen vocation, in my spare time you will find me honing skills in the gentle Art of Jiu Jitsu, a practice that has taught me incredible insights in discipline, courage, humility and compassion.

If you want to discuss your next project, I'm available on:

Mob: 0438776545
Email: willykarlbeecher@gmail.com

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