Greetings, my name is Willy Karl Beecher and I specialize in assisting agency professionals, corporate leaders, and business owners in conveying their narratives through design and motion pictures.
As an experienced educator, I have taught design, VFX, and moving pictures at university, and derive great satisfaction from hearing former students express gratitude for the skills and insights that have helped them in their careers.
I take pride in working with teams of highly skilled and motivated professionals who are dedicated to bringing big brand ideas to life. Though working as a designer can be challenging, I have developed a solid understanding of clients' brands, enabling me to contribute animated design and visual effects to some of Australia's most prominent brands.
While my friends may describe me as passionate about cooking, my true life compass is centered on health and well-being. When not working on design projects, I spend my free time refining my skills in the gentle art of Jiu Jitsu. This practice has provided me with invaluable lessons in discipline, courage, humility, and compassion.
If you are interested in discussing your next project, please do not hesitate to contact me at your convenience via my mobile phone at 0438776545 or via email at
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